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placed here.
where I don't belong
placed here by a system,
relentless in it's task
categorizing people
destroying all they are
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 0
You're sitting there, lonely. Next to you somebody laughs. You don't know why. You join in.
You're sitting there, lonely. You here your name, don't know who called.
You're sitting there, lonely. Drowning in self-pity and hubris.
You just don't care
You hear your name again. Annoyed you snap out of your Pathos. "What", you bark.
   These Voices, they don't belong to humans beings,
   They don't seem to belong to anything at all.
   At least nothing important.
You just don't care.
"Go to the board please", annoyed, you go to the front. Slowly and painstakingly exact, you write the task to the board. You're supposed to lead a panel dicussion. You know the others voices will bore you to death.
You just don't care.
Someone puts up his hand. You ask for an opinion. While the voice is chatting away, not managing to show the prowess to entice you. Bored you scribble something on the board, and miss whatever was being said. You keep on scribbling. The teacher tries
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 3
I've been running my whole life.
I think it was when I was six, when I first ran away. My grandpa had just died and we were staying at his old house for the burial. I was so scared of the emptiness of it. So scared, that I refused to leave the car. Mum started crying, but all that dad did was laugh. He came into the car an told me I'd had my fun and should come inside. When I refused, he carried me inside. Inside, I was confused for a few seconds, then I ran. Dad must have been confounded, he didn't even follow me. Still, I didn't get far. The neighbours saw a small child, running through the rain, no coat, crying and brought me back.
After that, I ran away more and more. When I was laughed at, when other children picked on me, or someone told me to do something I didn't want to And everytime my parents argued. But I always came back after an hour.
The first time I ran away for longer than that was when I was eight. We were moving, away from my school, my friends, everything. My parent
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 1
They say I should be glad,
that I don't know the pain.
They say I should be glad,
that I don't know the shame.
Those that know,
those that don't,
both get it wrong on this account.
I take the poison,
draw it out.
Try to help,
help those with no way out
I take the poison,
from beneath the skin,
I feel your pain now,
the pain from deep within.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 1
It's Me!
Five more doctors,
five more pills.
Trying to take a part of me away.
I feel so beaten,
So very alone,
trying to keep my mind my own.
Five more doctors,
five more pills.
I want this part of me to stay.
I'm so afraid.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 6
The sun sets.
Darkness rises.
Noises behind me.
A cliff in front of me
I jump,
I jump, jump, jump
I fall,
I fall, fall, fall
crashing into the ground below.
Shadowy figures,
circling me.
Why won't you just go away?
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 2 2
Last Letter
To whom it might concern.
   So this is where I should be writing who caused me to kill myself, whose fault this whole thing is and that everybody hated me. But quite frankly, I don't want to.
   The only one who is at fault here is me. No-one ever stopped me, no-one stood in my way, but still I failed at everything.
   Yes, I know you don't necessarily think so, you always downplayed my real problems and emphasised minor Inconveniences. But then, so did I.
        All I ever wanted to do was help. But I never managed. Every time I tried, I only made things worse. And still am right now, while you read this, just by being dead. But don't worry; It's the last thing I'm ever doing wrong.
Yours faithfully,
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 5
Walking around, aimlessly,
at the christmas fair.
The tinsel, candles, fairy lights,
distracting from my goal.
The smell of chocolate, gingerbread, wine,
obfuscating my head.
The bells, carols, laughs,
an irritating background noise.
Walking around, aimlessly,
at the christmas fair.
The tinsel, candles, fairy lights,
outshining burning homes.
The smell of chocolate, gingerbread, wine,
overpowering the stench of vomit
The bells, carols, laughs,
drowning silent screams.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 1
Black Darkness
The void around me,
a heavy cloak,
suffocating me.
The darkness around me,
it's confining me.
much better than walls ever could.
I can't move on,
I can't stay still.
I'll never flee the room.
The darkness it's inside me,
my only enemy.
Someday someone will be
the light needed to save me.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 1
Insane orders followed
Irrationally by those who live
Insufficiently, fearing
Insubordinations results.
In the end
Immolation will not
Intimidate enough
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 1
A Day In The Life
My classroom.
Grey walls,
closing in on me.
Doesn't want me here.
My coffee.
Keeping me awake.
Doesn't let me go.
My notepad.
fleeting from the page.
Doesn't let me read.
My Pencil case.
Fountain pen,
scribbling away.
Doesn't let me block it all out.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 0
Fly the Colours
Fly the colours,
raise the flag,
today we join the fight.
It's raining blood and bullets,
today's the day we die.
Fly the colours,
raise the flag,
into our death we ride.
To fight this final battle,
over the fate of all mankind.
Fly the colors,
raise the flag,
no one shall survive.
For our children and our freedom,
we'll gladly give our lives.
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 3
In the course of time,
my friends have gone.
They've disappeared,
one by one.
The ones that died,
the ones that left,
the ones that I betrayed,
in the end,
it's all the same.
How can I
atone for
all that I have done.
I did what I deemed neccessary,
what I judged to be right.
But what right did I have,
to chair the court of life?
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 0
You only smile when we're alone. When I see your smile, my mood lightens up. If you'd only always smile.
"Stop keeping score of my smiles"
"The psycholgist said so"
"The psychologist told you to keep score of me smiling? I hate Psychologists"
No suprise there, I would too, if I knew them as well as she did.
"No, but of me being happy. It's supposed to help concentrate on good things"
A smile hushes over her lips, I add a new mark on my arm. Immediately the smile dissapears and a teardrop nets her eyes.
"You're happy when I smile? You're definitely not normal. Or more likely lying"
"No I'm not"
Silence. Why don't you say something? When you stop talking, I start thinking. I don't want to think. What can I do? Read the writing on the wall: "Fuck the System", it says. Written by those the System gave up on. Like her.
Count Spiders: Doesn't help, I still manage to think alongside.
Count stairs: One, two, three, four, Mum's coming home on the fourth. She'll argue with dad again. I sho
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 0 4
Every Word you said
Every Word you said
You said you were worthless,
never knew what that meant.
You said you were helpless
never wanted to help
Every word that you said was a lie,
every sentence a pretence
Every word that you said was a lie,
But then,
so were mine
You said that you miss me,
never called me at all.
You said that you need me,
Never wanted me there.
Every word that you said was a lie,
every sentence a pretence
Every word that you said was a lie,
But then,
so were mine
You said you would help me,
then ran away from the task.
You said that you love me,
then you ended your life
Every word that you said was a lie,
every sentence a pretence
Every word that you said was a lie,
But then,
so were mine
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 1
Du lächelst nur wenn wir allein sind. Wenn ich dein lächeln sehe wird meine Laune kurz gut, wenn du nur immer glücklich wärst.
"Mach nicht immer einen Strich auf deinem Arm wenn ich lächele".
"Hat der Psychologe aber gesagt".
"Der Psychologe hat gesagt, dass du ein Strich machen sollst wenn ich lächele? Ich hasse Psychologen".
Kein Wunder, wenn ich so viel mit ihnen zu tun hätte würde ich sie auch hassen.
"Nein, wenn ich mich freue. Angeblich hilft es sich mehr auf schöne Sachen zu konzentrieren".
"Du freust dich wenn ich lächele? Du bist definitiv nicht normal, ach was du lügst eh".
"Tu ich nicht"
Schweigen. Wieso sagst du nichts? Wenn du nicht sprichst muss ich nachdenken. Ich will nicht denken. Was kann ich dagegen tun? Graffiti lesen: "Fuck the System". Spinnen suchen. Hilft nicht ich denke wieder. Treppenstufen zählen. Eins, Zwei, Drei, Am dritten kommt meine  Mutter wieder, dann ist zuhause w
:iconirononiji:iroNoNiji 1 3


Be Awesome. Be Amazing. Be Penguin. by sebreg Be Awesome. Be Amazing. Be Penguin. :iconsebreg:sebreg 1,128 59 Not sure if serious... by jsz Not sure if serious... :iconjsz:jsz 2,917 1,480 :lawoo: by blahed :lawoo: :iconblahed:blahed 1,158 399 Utopia by MTrafimoff Utopia :iconmtrafimoff:MTrafimoff 118 11 Fishing Hole by Binary-Kid Fishing Hole :iconbinary-kid:Binary-Kid 2 0
Human Hurricane
I hate it when I see
Your blue eyes fade to grey
And the sparkle of your smile
Starts to slowly slip away
The painful slash of memories
And cuts of times gone by,
I see the scars upon your face
Like storm clouds on the sky
Frustration pounds like thunder,
The past pours down like rain,
I see you slip under the waves
Of this human hurricane
It hurts to see you drowning
As I wait here on the beach,
Hoping for the tempest's blows
To put you in my reach
I wish that I was strong enough
To swim into the sea,
Grab your hands and pull you up, 
Back to the shore with me
But this torrent of emotion
Must calm before I can,
Oceans full of aching
Must be yours to ban
I cannot swipe the storm away,
This battle is not mine
Only you can face your demons,
I must watch from the sidelines
Oh, that God would stretch His hand
And put your heart at peace,
Cast away the clouds of pain
So that this rage would cease
For once the waters start to still
And the waves become like glass
I'll come and wrap you in my
:icondorkgal1992:DorkGal1992 2 1
Crab Spider 2 by Twitch1977 Crab Spider 2 :icontwitch1977:Twitch1977 12 3
So Dreadful....
I await in class with stifling pain,
my head thrown back in explainable shame.
For what my heart tends to do,
my demons have arrived right on cue.
I want to raise my hand yet again, whispering over to a friend
"The pain is here, the pain is there...",
but the teachers seem not to care.
For this has been my 3rd degree
of calling home in emergency.
I've gotten the sweats,
the shivers,
the chills.
I swear this heart; my pain is its meal.
My words are plucked from me like Eden's fruit,
alas my hands are held tight against the desk to keep me mute.
I feel the urge to try and speak,
my horrible trembles at their peak.
Feeling beaten as a slave to a king,
but suddenly the bell comes to a ring.
I walk, I walk, feeling like I have walked for forty days,
not hearing my friend,
I'm in a daze.
I'm drowning in the tormenting whispers of my evil heart,
I reach for my pocket, I'm falling apart.
Again I hear the bell come to a ring,
what a treacherous, mocking, absolutely dreadful thing.
I finally get
:icontibbyflower:Tibbyflower 1 2
Cross 'em Tight
Keep your fingers crossed tight
Behind your back, out of sight
Lies keep spilling from your lips
The harder you try, the faster they slip
Though the truth you long to tell
In your heart you know very well
How quickly bonds would mar
If they knew who you are
Inner doubts invade desire
The certainty of brimstone and fire
A monster gets what he deserves
Then, overcome by nerves,
You hide behind a wall of lies
And the monster you so despise
Grows stronger in your mind
A word of warning in kind
Cross your fingers tight
Behind your back, out of sight
:iconsidheashe:SidheAshe 3 1
It drowns the world
Eating away at the core
Of all societies
Never straying too far.
Inside of everyone
Is its pulsing seed;
Waiting to one day consume;
For the perfect opportunity.
When it awakens,
That's the time
To be truly scared
No one survives.
:iconvicious-card:Vicious-Card 7 13
And now I miss the days
When I could sing a nursery rhyme
Without thinking it had anything to do with race
But somewhere along the line...
Baa-baa pink sheep
Baa-baa blue sheep
Baa-baa green sheep
Baa-baa, what happened to you?
So Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow
Snow White had skin as white as her fleece
Wedding dresses are white as her skin
Snow wolves are as white as the dress
But suddenly when black gets involved
You're thrown at with a dozen insults
"Racist! Racist!"
Shouts the crowd
Letting their voices run loud
Baa-baa pink sheep
Baa-baa blue sheep
Baa-baa green sheep
Baa-baa, what happened to you?
:iconafateworsethandeath:AFateWorseThanDeath 1 7
Boy and Girl
Tell me to protect her
Tell me I'm meant to protect myself
Tell me not to hit girls
Tell me to help her get things from the shelf
Tell her I'll protect her
Tell her I'll fight them off by myself
Tell her it's wrong to hit her
Tell her I'll help her get things from the shelf
Tell me that if she gets hurt
It'll be my fault
Because I wasn't strong enough to protect her
I guess it's me at fault
Tell her that if she gets hurt
It isn't her fault
Because I should have protected her
Tell her it's me at fault
Tell me that if I get hurt
That I should be more strong
Because when I'm hurt, I can't protect her
So tell me I'm in the wrong
Tell her that if I get hurt
I'm not good enough
Because then I couldn't protect her
And there's no point in our love
Tell me that big boys don't cry
Tell me to man up
Make me feel the need to die
With your words, cut me up
Tell her it's okay to cry
It's not her fault
Tell her you'd miss her if she died
And lock her like a vault
Tell me I'm a boy
Tell her she's a gi
:iconafateworsethandeath:AFateWorseThanDeath 2 2
Middle Class
I know I've got money to spend
And I know that I don't have power
So all below and above plan to end
My salary per hour
Blame all your problems on the middle class man
Because he doesn't have any problems of his own... right?
Blame your poverty on the middle class child
Because he gets all the things he needs... or does he?
I know that all the food you eat is soup
It's sad, but at least you get it for free
I know you're the leader of that collapsing group
It's sad, but at least you can build it back up
Blame all your problems on the middle class man
Because everything's easy for him... right?
Blame your poverty on the middle class child
Because his parents are the best... or are they?
:iconafateworsethandeath:AFateWorseThanDeath 5 2
Hey, hold me
come and fix me
or just sit and listen
maybe sit in silence
leave it to the calm.
Short shallow breaths
and long deep stares
mean more than words
ever managed to
Hey, hold me
hold me close
don't fade away now
don't draw apart
stay with me
for the fall
stick with me
through it all
sincere smiles
stuck in your eyes
echoes of the past
consume your mind
come and hold me
come and fix me
love me let me
keep me tight
Hey, stay here
stick with me
hold me
come and listen
listen to the silent tears
Hey, hug me
cleanse the tears
don't leave me now
don't fade away
save me
cushion my fall
you belong here
with me for it all
:iconplease360:please360 2 0
What is Life?
What is life?
Fire light,
a question asked,
a layered mask
of fear and thought and love,
of the dove
the one that flies
asking whys
as it glides on broken wings.
Oh, he sings,
and it rings
and it lingers in the air
past the fair
golden hair of a lion.
And he's cryin'
and he's livin' for the kill
and the spill,
of the blood.
A bleeding flood
seeping down
past the frown
upon the face
of a women dressed in lace,
of the chase of the land
in the sand
leaping, dying all
a rusty red.
In my head,
oh the light
in the eyes of the life
always fight for the everlasting will,
makes no sence, take the pill
brings a sail of golden hope
to be crushed, washed with soap,
clean and dead.
Oh the river's full of lead,
dark and flowing
poison glowing,
specked with gold
in the mold
sold for life
but worth nothing, strife
is what it brings.
And still he sings!
The broken dove
who brings love,
and tears away
another day
we will die
and leap through the sky
to an abyss,
to the mist.
to the lost and th
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 7 2
loneliness is a forest
i had a dream in which you didn't come home
the frost became a familiar blanket
and i grew into the wallpaper.
i am terrified of being out here for years
becoming accustomed to vines and spiders and mud
a garden is growing in the kitchen sink now
and i'm forgetting how to eat.
with fireflies for lamplight, i'm praying
and letting frostbite eat away my soul.
i don't know where you are
but dear God,
i hope you find your way home.
:iconburn-out-the-night:burn-out-the-night 4 1



Now, I know this should be clear, however I've had problems with this in the past, so to have it in print:
 The narrators of my texts ARE NOT ME.

Yes, there always is a part of me in there, but often 'tis but a fragment of the poem.
I am also not half as emo as one may think reading my texts, but I don't need to write, when I'm happy.


Linus Schrewe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


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